A man of God, Ignatius travels the world, combating Evil. As a result, he is an expert on foreign languages, cabalistic writings, occult rituals, and shamanism. Urgently summoned by a parish in Chelsea, Ignatius returns to London. There, he listens to hysterical reports of missing parishioners and monster sightings. Some insist these events result from excavations at the St. Catherine Docks, which burned in the Great Fire of 1666. Later that same evening, a mysterious manuscript appears on Ignatius' doorstep. He deciphers the author, Samuel Pepys, the date, 1666, and what appear to be records of The Brotherhood of Hecate. An entry about an arcane formula for animating lifeless matter, alarms Ignatius. So he gives the diary to Dr. Jean Franciscus in New Orleans.

Unfortunately the situation went bad immediately. Ignatius went to to the good doctor to consult on further advice, only to find the doctor slayed and the diary missing. At the same time he find Nadia, the doctor's daughter in the state of shock. Reconciled and gained resolution, they agree to combine their effort to solve the mystery and the terror that quickly unfold around them.

Ignatius's martial art is staff based, allowing him to use any staff-like weapon at will. He is also adept in basic medical knowledge, firearms, and explosive, enable him to use any item in that come in hand. His stat allowing for good defence stats but less agile. His mastery of staff is at such a level that he can have a powerful attack capable of a decapitation strike.